Greenfield, Indiana 1976.

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Tater Hog Angry Gill Jr

A cast through the air ending with a splash at the water's surface. ​​​Webster defines passion as a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept. At a early age, I loved the sport of fishing.  It gives a sense of accomplishment in victory and humbles quickly on days of defeat. I like to say,  "Your never as good as you think when you catch them nor as bad as you feel when you don't!"  Life is also full of highs and lows. How a person balances the ups and downs defines your success.  Maybe that is why people take pictures with their catch. It's a snap shot of achievement.

     God gives each of us a gift or hidden talent. Those gifts make us unique in this world . Some would say he blessed me with the gift of art. I chose to use that talent, combined with my passion for fishing  to create fishing lures.  It  doesn't sound like much when you read it on paper.  However, I believe God blessed me with the ability to help others create memories to enjoy through my artwork.  Knowing  a customer could spend a day by the water with a loved one while fishing one of my designs is special.   Feeling the strike as the rod bends down from the sky. The hook set as the sun hits your face. Enjoying the fight as you wipe off the sweat.  The snap shot your loved one takes with their camera.  And that smile, oh that smile!  Yes that's my passion and I hope all of you see it in my artwork.  I did my part making them,  now the memory catching is up to you.

Tight lines Tater ! 

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Tater going on the Let's Talk FIsh show. This will be must see cell phone entertainment.  Elite Pro's Bryan Thrift and Matt Arey invited Tater to talk about big bait fishing next week.  Tune in Tuesday Nov 19th at 7:00pm on Facebook and watch. 

Matthew Metroka catching a 10 pound memory on Uncle Johnny

Haymaker Crankbaits are IN STOCK!!!  

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Let's Talk HOGSWAG!!! Next Week

Time to get angry with Tater's new hit topwater design. Angry Gill Jr.  You can walk it, slow roll it or dead stick it.